Discover what the FIRST AND ONLY BOOK of recipes consisting of entirely anti-inflammatory ingredients can do for YOU: "40 Anti-Inflammatory RECIPES”!

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Here's what you'll find in this book (e-book in digital format):

  • 40 innovative and delicious recipes of anti-inflammatory food which are completely unique!
  • Description of all the nutritional properties of the food suggested!
  • 188 full pages of illustrations and exact information on preparation and cooking times!
  • Everything is described in a clear and easy way for you to understand and apply it in your everyday life!

The combinations of foods that you will find inside this e-book:

  • give your body rich nourishment without weighing you down!
  • are pleasing to the taste and easy and fast to prepare!
  • use food that you can find in a normal supermarket!
  • do not require expensive or special ingredients!
  • are very simple to prepare and also suitable for those with little desire to cook; you don't need to be a chef or a cooking expert!
  • are particularly attractive and stimulating even for those who are not “sensitive” to the subject of “inflammatory foods!”
  • can be eaten by anyone (apart from the cheese) and independently of any pathology, precisely because these recipes do not contain the source of inflammation that is triggering the most common diseases.
  • you will not go crazy with the weighing scale or the measuring of each ingredient!
  • also, thanks to the recipes that you will get to know, if you have any allergies there is a high chance that those allergies will disappear, because they flare up as a result of consuming carbohydrates and subsequent insulin production!