Here is how I dealt with over 150 cases of ringing and whistling in the ears over the last 15 years !

Thanks to Dr. Sacchiero, I lessened the ringing which started after a concert and did not allow me to sleep well. In addition, I have also recovered part of my hearing; now I can hear better!

Cristian Colusso
Cristian Colusso

Disclaimer: the results and timing of application may vary from patient to patient.

After about two weeks, the ringing has significantly reduced, and after 40 days of application, it disappeared permanently. If you suffer from tinnitus you know very well what I mean: now it’s as if I were living a new life!

Serafino Margi
Serafino Margi

Dr. Ft. Antonio Sacchiero (from ITALY)

Dr. Antonio Sacchieroitalian physiotherapist is graduated from the University of Pavia in 1990. For approximately 34 years he studied and applied the most effective techniques that act on the cause of pain and health problems. After graduating from an Academic High school in Milan, he attended the Faculty of Medicine (University of Milan) where he studied for four years.

During his university studies, he researched and studied the techniques of more effective alternative medicines. This research actually began when he was only 16 years old, because he had already realized that the cures his father was undergoing were only effective for short periods and were only acting on his symptoms. In fact, after a while, everything was back as it was beforehand, if not worse. Then (after his untimely death) Antonio decided to dedicate his life to finding all those methods that proved to be effective on causes and not just the symptoms.

So he started studying and learning shiatsu, chiropractic treatments, reflexology, anti-gym, moxa, soft manipulations, tai chi, biofeedback, yoga, Watsu, hydrotherapy, acupressure ... until he found the connective-tissue massages.

It was then, when he needed this treatment for a serious injury to both wrists, that he realized he had finally found what he was really looking for:

Graduation Dr. Ft. Antonio Sacchiero

a method that could really work on the causes of the inflammation and subsequent sickness of the tissues and organs which creates functional and anatomical limitations.

From there he started his personal ans unique method Connettis ® and he decided to create this site to share his knowledge and skills, making them available to anyone who is looking for a really effective and completely natural cure, with no contraindications.

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